One Thing Tai Chi Practice is Not

This has always been one of the most popular posts here, so here it is again. We all need to gifts tai chi has to give. You might think of it as a sort of Chinese yoga…offering gifts of peace for the heart and mind and health and gentleness for the body.

Calm Chicago

Tai chi (or taiji) is not something you can learn by thinking about it or by doing some complex analysis.

Short form Yang taichi

Beginners and more experienced practitioners learn the same way … through direct experience. It’s through this direct experience, this intense, sharp focus, maintained throughout the form, with the total object of the mind, the body/breath/mind, brought totally together as one that does the teaching.

A teacher can guide you but even that only goes so far. It’s our own practice that is the real way to discover how to  move in the very beginning and later, how to chew on the subtle nuances that take you endlessly deeper into understanding.

Then we experience ourselves, through practice what we can not otherwise describe. We are all the owners of our own practice. If we want to enjoy the fruits of tai chi, qi gong and meditation, no one can do this…

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Author: Hillary Johnson

Improvisational documentary and fine art photographer.

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