Word Repair Done Here


Sometimes we talk without thinking. This can leads to trouble: hurt feelings, offense, mis-communication, lost opportunities in love or work, etc.

There’s a simple solution, which with practice, completely eradicates the problem.

It’s called Mindful Speech.


Right Speech or Mindful Speech can be cultivated like a garden. Here are steps for developing this more. When you feel the impulse to say something, silently ask yourself:

1. Will these words harm anyone? (myself or others)

YES? Then say nothing. NO? Consider the following:

2. Will these words benefit anyone? (myself or others)

3. How will it benefit them?

Both of these are ego checks. If it will just make you feel like the sharpest mind in the room, “so clever am I!” Say nothing.

If you feel like it really might truly help someone, still pause and ask yourself this:

4. Is it really necessary?


Then you can mindfully discern, what to say and when to say it and to whom.

May your words be like a soothing balm to the world.

Be gentle with yourself as you practice.


Author: Hillary Johnson

Improvisational documentary and fine art photographer.

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