Problem? Fear Freeze. Solution? Mindfulness


I think of mindfulness and its importance this way:



Our communities of students, professors and executives and management are working in challenging times. Conditions change quickly for all of us. That changeability can be stressful, creating fear and anxiety or other negative emotions which freeze us in place, make it hard to think, do creative problem solving and plan let alone accomplish goals.



Students, educators and administrators alike want to do well in our work. Certainly, the specifics of our goals and accomplishments vary. Targets for students may be good grades or attaining learning objectives. Professors in all subject areas want those same things; they’re just on the other side of the equation. Executives and management want to hit an array of business targets such as adaptability, flexibility, profitability targets, growth and so forth.



But, without mindfulness, we get stuck. Which leads to more aggravation. Which in turn leads to more “stuck-ness.” It’s a vicious circle.



What mindfulness does is free us from being stuck. This freeing affect begins immediately and only increases with practice. Here are five key positive effects:


  1. We  become more adaptable and resilient
  2. Enhanced creativity for problem solving
  3. Better time-management, goal setting and follow-through
  4. Sharper focus and increased productivity



I see the results every term in my class room. Students come back to thank me semesters, sometimes years, later. Everyone I work with from students, executives, veterans, – feel better and perform better. The results spill over into all aspects of life, meaning there’s enhanced performance and well-being across the board.
We flourish rather than flag, no longer weighed down by fear. Not bad for a few minutes silence a day!

Author: Hillary Johnson

Improvisational documentary and fine art photographer.

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