KPIs and Mindfulness

Mindfulness Every Day – Every Where

Companies around the world increasingly are embracing mindfulness practices as a key piece of their over all strategy and not relegating it to a just-a-once-a year-adventure during annual wellness programming. It still is the case, however, that not everyone knows about the incredible transformative power of mindfulness, especially here in the Mid-West.

It’s part of our mission to help companies see how mindfulness practice can transform not only the way it feels to be at work but can be an essential piece of over all success or optimization strategies. Today fortunately, we are moving increasingly away from fear-based motivation models, to positive, mindful ones. Compassionate leaders present as authentic human beings, connecting with themselves, their colleagues and the company mission in ways that come from heart.

Not like this:
gordon gekko







But more like this:

Thich Nhat Hanh











Who’s Who in Mindful Companies (a short list)

And you don’t have to be a Nobel Peace Prize winning monk, like Thich Nhat Hahn to do it. This mindfulness stuff is not merely the M.O. for some outlier companies but world leaders in private sector businesses, public service, education and  several other fields.

For example:

  • Apple
  • Google
  • McKinsey & Company
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Astra Zeneca
  • General Mills
  • Aetna
  • Harvard Business School
  • Twitter

Not bad company to keep exactly, is it?

Challenges and KPIs

But what about those KPIs? Here are some typical challenges for leaders in today’s market. Companies need to be quick at adapting to market changes and consumer challenges. This fast response time means we need high levels creative problem solving, urgent pursuit of short and long term goals. Leadership needs to set goals and communicate those goals clearly and effectively. And of course, there are many other challenges and issues.

desk office stress

Stress is a Productivity and Well-Being Killer

Stressed workers, regardless of level, do not function well on any of the key points. Stress reduces cognitive function, creativity and clarity. The result is frequently reactivity and a problem-focused mindset. It also increases risk levels in terms of health with increases in blood pressure, cardio vascular distress, raised levels of stress related hormones making individuals more reactive rather than discerning. Stressed workers are more likely to miss days at work due to physical or mental and emotional distress. Stressed workers are not effective strategic thinkers. Being mored in emotional responses they find it impossible to develop any high level perspective. They can not plan for goal or target setting let alone hit them. 

Give Me My KPI’s (14 ways you can measure the positive impact)

(Applied mindfulness leads to improved performance, satisfaction and well-being across the board. Many of these improvements begin immediately as people begin to practice. The benefits only increase over time:

  1. Better able to adapt quickly to new conditions in market. Enhanced resilience
  2. Enhanced lateral thinking linked to increases in creativity for problem solving
  3. Leadership clearly and effectively communicates
  4. Understands intrinsic motivation of colleagues
  5. Able to make better, more discerning decisions
  6. Increase capacity for listening, sensitive to needs of organization and workers
  7. Decreases in emotional “hi-jacking” and reactivity
  8. Increased well-being for over all work context (people look forward to going to work and once their intrinsically conscientious and motivated)
  9. Increases in be able to respond with discernment on a moment to moment basis
  10. Increased ability to do solid strategic thinking
  11. Increases in time-management, goal setting and follow-through to accomplishment
  12. Increases in focus lead to increased productivity
  13. Reduction in non-productive tasks 
  14. Leadership is holistically healthier in body and mind – at work every day, functioning at peak

Author: Hillary Johnson

Improvisational documentary and fine art photographer.

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