Everything is our teacher, even a hairy melon. Thank you Liljun!


Recently, I am so surprise to discover that the growth of hairy melon in two of the pot.

I sow the seed at the end of last September, it was quite some month ago. Initially, I thought nothing happen, the hairy melon seeds were unable to make it.

It might due to the cause and condition not right, so it can’t grow.

However, when the time is right, all cause and conditions ripen, it growth up even after 8 months.

The healthy hairy melon... The healthy hairy melon…

This little plant deepen my understanding on the cause and effect.

We must be mindful on our body, speech and mind in any moment of our life, even though, sometimes we might not able to experience the effect immediately. However, the effect will be ripen one day when all cause and conditions are right.

Some of us, we love to ask a popular question on cause…

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Author: Hillary Johnson

Improvisational documentary and fine art photographer.

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