At a Loss for Words for Loss


It occurs to me that all the things we usually say to each other upon the occasion of someone passing away don’t seem quite “right” anymore, when I’m talking to a bunch of practiced Buddhist meditators – My usual comments would have been all about the pain of loss or things I thought I should say to keep the pain far far away from myself and others.Image

I recognize I still have the old habit energy of the old clichés and feel a bit  uncertain what new ones might be. What comes to mind this last week, seem to be happier, more resolved; more attuned to recollecting a shared sense of the person’s wonderful qualities; celebrating their wisdom, kindness and fun spirit we all once knew, enjoyed and loved.Image

I feel also a sense of wanting to honor the memory in this case of one of our dear teachers, a monastic named Venerable Konghuan, with a legacy of practice; aiming for as much wisdom and compassion, in equal measure, as possible.Image

So, for you dear Venerable Konghuan, I dedicate my practice this weekend to you.



Author: Hillary Johnson

Improvisational documentary and fine art photographer.

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