Ajahn Brahm on Why Arguing is Silly

Oh yes, and how arguing fails to bring us close to truth of any kind and certainly doesn’t bring us to peace at all. The way to peace is felt-to not thought-through.


I always like how Ajahn Brahm’s teachings are quite practical and funny. And I really like this talk because  I see myself, how often I am tempted to argue or do argue… stopping arguing is quite a practice. For me, it involves continuously trying to let go of my sense of my self and my very important ideas. It also makes me really wonder about this whole PhD proposition…

I’ll end with this idea that sticks with me from the talk – that is, what kind of world are we creating if we argue who’s faith is better, who’s religion is better or more true? It seems we only create a world of arguing people not a world of peaceful people.

When we stop thinking, then we can FEEL peaceful. Don’t agree? That’s okay with me. I’ll not argue about it. And that from a dirty-old, opinionated Yankee (reformed)!

Peace everyone.




Author: Hillary Johnson

Improvisational documentary and fine art photographer.

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