Intro Qigong/Tai Chi in May

We’re doing a bit of a schedule change to adapt to you all.
The Intro Qigong  class will start this Thursday evening at 5:30-6:15. 

Join us in the Chicago Arts District for 2nd Friday festivities this week.

You can enjoy mini-meditations and qigong sessions every 30 minutes. It’s important to know I think that these practices are super portable. You don’t need special equipment or hours of time to enjoy the benefits. Of course, doing more is going to be even better for you but even 5 minutes of practice two or three times a day can make a big difference in helping you dump some of that nasty stressed out feeling.

Sessions will be at:

Meditation 7,8,9

Qigong7:30,8:30, 9:30

Meditation: A simple yet profound practice. Learn to quiet the mind by focusing on the body and breath. When the mind becomes still, the fog of our emotions drops away. We can see reality more clearly and make more informed decisions. We experience life’s ups and downs, with greater balance emotionally, mentally and physically.

18-form Qigong: Coordinate the breath with gentle movements to revitalize body, breath and mind. Often prescribed as part of a program of treatment after illness, trauma, accident or surgery, and as a support for those suffering chronic disorders like diabetes, hyper-tension, asthma, depression. These movements are also ideal preventative medicine. Perform the complete set or  pick a few favorites do throughout the day to stay fresh, loose and relaxed.

from yang tai chi shi ba shi qigong first posture

Author: Hillary Johnson

Improvisational documentary and fine art photographer.

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