May 11th is Stress Relief All Night Long

Calm Chicago is participating for the first time ever in the Chicago Art District’s 2nd Friday. We’ll be offering short mini-meditation sessions and qigong from 6-10pm. Our good friend, RoK Teasley will be doing original pastel drawings for you by request.

Meditation can help you focus better and leave you feeling more refreshed than if you took a nap, which can leave you feeling a tad groggy. You can do mini-meditations throughout your work day to help you stay clear of minor and major aggravations. Plus, who can get away with napping at work? You can however take a quick meditation break anytime. Even one minute can help keep you on track and happier.

Qigong not only feels good to do, it’s actually one of the best natural ways to rid your body of the nasty effects of stress. So please join us throughout the night to learn more about how you can help heal your body and mind naturally and easily.


Author: Hillary Johnson

Improvisational documentary and fine art photographer.

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