Governor’s State University Community Health Class

A Governor’s State University student came today for a short course (one hour) in tai chi for a presentation for her class in Community Health. While more time certainly would have been better for her, I thought how wonderful that such things are being incorporated into learning at this level.

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So much of what causes a lot of suffering for the average person are chronic stresses and ailments which are very well addressed by Qigong and Tai chi. Examples are diabetes, fibromyalgiaarthritis, depression etc. Study after study shows the efficacy of such “alternative” measures, so much so that increasingly, these methods may soon not be considered alternative at all.

If you’d like to get a handle on your health and your stress and want to give it a try, register for our 4-week Intro class.

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Author: Hillary Johnson

Improvisational documentary and fine art photographer.

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