Getting Profoundly Empty at Calm Chicago

So sweet, a student sent me this message recently after a private class where we practiced walking meditation. An exercise in which we focus on the fine points of the experience of walking. If you want to go forward you must shift the weight to one foot entirely, that leg becomes full…the other leg, ready to step forward, has become empty. The heel touches down to the floor or earth, the shifting of weight begins, filling that leg, the other becomes empty. And so on, over and over. Each step, like each breath a bit different. Arises, exists for a time, then passes away.

Thanks for the one-on-one session today. I tried to be mindful of things being empty and full–just during lunch hour–and there’s a lot, like maybe everything. Things have to be empty before they can be full, and vice versa. Wow–new concepts to consider!

I was exhilarated by her discovery. Way to go. And many thanks.

mindful of body, breath and mind.



Author: Hillary Johnson

Improvisational documentary and fine art photographer.

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