Yin and Yang: Not Just Ideas About Balance and Change

Please say hello to the center’s two fish, Yin & Yang.


Meet Yin and Yang, the center's two calm fish. They remind us daily that everything changes.


They have a pretty pleasant environment with lots of plants around. We’d love to have more plants, so we can really freshen the air in the center as much as possible without chemicals.  Many thanks to Vincent for all the plants you see here. They were a gift in our prior location and in the move had to be re-potted and trimmed up some. Moving plants in -4 degrees weather is not ideal for the delicate house plants but they seem to be bouncing back.


We love a lot of plants at Calm Chicago. Makes the air clean and healthy.

So, if you have some plants you’d like to donate, they’ll be gratefully received. We get a pretty good amount of indirect light from the south.


We’ll be adding a jade plant soon. Lovely for the center because the soft, round green leaves are beautiful and grow  only very slowly. This is how we develop our own practices in tai chi (or taiji), qigong and meditation…slowly, breath by breath.

Thanks so much to our teachers, family, friends and students for all your support. I am ever grateful. Together we make the city more peaceful and less stressed. I bow to you all for your efforts and dedication.

The center will be offering lots of wonderful new seminars this year. We hope you’ll join us as much as you can. Please let us know what you’d like to see offered that would really be of benefit to lots of people. We may not respond to every single idea but we’ll gratefully receive them all.

Many thanks, Hillary and Matt


The central yin and yang in our logo, symbolic of two fish, constantly moving, swimming, going up-coming down.




Author: Hillary Johnson

Improvisational documentary and fine art photographer.

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