How I Simplify My Life with Breathing

This Complicated World

The world is a pretty complicated place. So, the last thing I want is to make it more complicated that necessary. How about you?

Antidote? Simplify

For years, one of the things I’ve sought after, is a way to make things simpler. To reduce all those bummer, stressed out feelings that come from too much complication. I love tai chi, qigong and meditation because amongst their many fine qualities, one stands out day after day. That is the demand they make for me to maintain a close, sharp attention to the breath.

Why Does The Breath Matter?

Without the breath coming in and out, I’m just a dead body. The breath is so close to my life. It provides one of the keys of life; Oxygen. I can go a while without eating. I might get hungry but I’ll live. I might get a head ache, but I’ll live. On the other hand, I can’t hold my breath very long. Even magicians on tv or in Vegas, can only hold their breath so long. Within a few short minutes – no breathing? No living. End of story.

Breathing Means – Pay Attention Right Now

Paying strict attention to the breath keeps me firmly engaged in the present moment. When I can train my mind single-pointedly to observe the breath, I stay right here in this moment, letting go of worry about the past or future. After all, I’d never try to hold on to any one single breath. It’s a fool’s errand. It’s the nature of the breath to arise, peak and fade away. Each one after the next. Each one slightly different. Long. Short. Ragged or steady and so on.

And, when I stay right here, life gets a lot simpler.

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Author: Hillary Johnson

Improvisational documentary and fine art photographer.

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