Mindful Start to the Day: FREE New Sunrise Tai Chi Classes at Calm Chicago

We’re heading into the deep winter and spring may feel awfully far off. And though we tend to huddle in against the cold in winter (in Chicago anyway) in may parts of the world, people practice tai chi (or taiji) and qigong ( chi gong, chi kung) out doors hot or cold. Even when it’s snowing!

A classic tai chi posture!You might feel a little silly at first in your parka and boots but the fact is all that fresh air is really good for you. And, I promise that once you stop telling yourself, “it’s cold it’s cold it’s cold” and focus your mind on practice … your whole body will warm up as you get mindfully moving. Because here’s the thing … the discomfort the body experiences – it’s just a feeling.

So, I challenge you. (And yes, of course, dress warmly. I’m not suggesting you  do anything silly. I don’t believe we can just “pretend” the cold doesn’t matter! The body is after all, subject to certain conditions…but on the other hand… much of what we tell ourselves about cold or hot and or anything really, is just a story we tell. One of the great things about tai chi and meditation, is we get to see, the space that exists between reality and the story we make up about what we think is real.)

So, bundle up and then practice. Where can you put your mind where that “cold” feeling can’t find it? You can do it. Come to sunrise class and find out how! PLUS … what better way to observe your breath than in the cold!

That early in the day – to face the direction where the sun comes up and soak up all that good energy is a wonderful thing. Just say, ahhhhhhhhhhhh….

Outdoors and breathing deep!

When: Every Wednesday morning 6 – 6:30 a.m. (unless pouring rain or other very serious weather.)

Where: Chinatown Square (in the plaza of astrological animals)

How much? FREE

What better way to get through the mid-week malaise? Let us know.

Hope to see you there.

Peace, Hillary


Author: Hillary Johnson

Improvisational documentary and fine art photographer.

4 thoughts on “Mindful Start to the Day: FREE New Sunrise Tai Chi Classes at Calm Chicago”

  1. Interested in tai chi classes please send me more information, where are you located in Chicago, class schedules and prices. Iam a new comer to tai chi and want to get off to a right start for the rest of my life thankyou. P.S my phone contact is 773-957-9015.


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