Taiji Puzzle: Letting Go of Tension? It’s All in the Palm of Your Hand

This will be short.

Feeling tense?

Relax your hand. (seriously)

It’s that simple. It’s really hard to hold tension in the body when you relax all the muscles in the hand.

Whether you are at home doing taiji training or at the office responding to various pressures, the solution is the same. Stress can make us feel tense. (like someone needs to remind us of this?)

The mind gets tight and so do our muscles, organs, nerves. We may hold our breath, clench the jaw or tighten various parts of the body without being aware we’re doing it.

When you feel the tension taking hold, how ever it manifests itself, try this simple solution.

Relax your hand. Know the muscles, tendons, sinews. Take some time. Don’t rush. Focus the mind and observe clearly.

Relax the hand and the rest of the body and mind will follow.


Author: Hillary Johnson

Improvisational documentary and fine art photographer.

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