Carry the work, not the worry!

How many times at work do you find yourself theoretically attending to a task but suddenly realizing that your mind feels fuzzy, unfocused? You’re not really paying full attention.

Why? Maybe you’re  preparing a presentation, speaking in a meeting, engaged in team-work with colleagues, across the desk from your boss.

Here is a very usual scenario. Half your mind is on the specific task but the other half (or more) is wrapped up with worry, anxiety, resentments or anger.

For now, let’s skip why this is and have a go at making it stop. Because this kind of thing is a huge drain on energy and can leave a person feeling mighty bad by day’s end.

Try this:

See if you can just notice when negative feelings arise while you’re working. Just notice that it’s happening. Practice letting it go by bringing your attention to your breath and refocusing purely on the task at hand. Each time you notice it, even its many times – don’t worry. Just keep letting it go.

Keep me posted.


Author: Hillary Johnson

Improvisational documentary and fine art photographer.

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