Meditation is critical to seeing clearly: a message from my teacher, Master Ji Ru

This is a message from my teacher,
Master Ji Ru, Abbot of the
Mid-America Buddhist Association
Some people say Buddhism is pessimistic. Buddhism is not pessimistic. It is not optimistic. Buddhism is realistic. It asks us to remove the fog that clouds our thinking. When our minds are clear, we can see conditions clearly; and, when you see conditions clearly because you have mastered your mind, the struggle ends.Then, moving from moment to moment, you joyfully accept all conditions.

Problems are not bad or good. Problems are situations requiring a solution. Solutions that work come from clear minds. We are faced with very big problems at this point in our history. Pollution, poverty and war, for example, threaten all of us. These problems are increasing, not decreasing. Soon,scientists say, these problems will be out of our control. But, so far, our solutions have been lacking because our minds are not clear.

Having not mastered our minds, we are unable to see conditions clearly, and we continue to struggle. Now, time is running out. We have to learn how to see conditions clearly, through meditation and practice. We have to learn to master our minds. There is no other way.

~ Master Ji Ru (Shifu)
I’d like to add only that one need not become a Buddhist to practice and receive the profound benefits of daily meditation. I strongly encourage you all to experience it yourselves and see.

I agree very much with my teacher, that we are at a critical juncture. What we do, say and think every day matters. Meditation allows us to embark on a path in which we can clearly see  our deep links of interconnection as well as the state of our own minds.

It’s a matter of good housekeeping. When the house is a mess our lives are chaotic. We can’t find the keys, the homework, the tools we need for everyday life. When the mind is in confusion and disarray, we know how hard it is to see and think clearly. Meditation gives us the habits of keeping the mental house clean so we can make choices that allow us to live more wisely, peacefully and happily.

The future is being created right now, minute by minute. We need to bring the most clarity and mindful awareness we can to all our actions, words and thoughts. In this way we can hope solve the problems facing our planet now and tomorrow.

Thanks for reading this and giving these ideas your attention and consideration. Wishing peace and happiness for everyone. Hillary


Author: Hillary Johnson

Improvisational documentary and fine art photographer.

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