Be the smallest person in the room

Taiji the way I practice and teach it, is not about being a big somebody. It’s not flashy. It’s soft, humble, and very simple. No fancy concepts.

Practicing taiji using just the amount of energy required but no more, and keeping the movements simple and relaxed can be a metaphor useful every day.

Don’t practice taiji to make it like, “Look at me everybody!” Practice with determination, yes – but be gentle, humble. And then you can take taiji to work with you.

Taiji teaches us to be soft, flexible, adaptable and humble. You can try to take the practice along into your relationships with family and friends and coworkers. See if you can try to be the smallest person in the room with no big views to defend and argue over. See how much more peaceful life become for yourself and for all those around you.


Author: Hillary Johnson

Improvisational documentary and fine art photographer.

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